A modern home with a big surprise

Posted by Paula Gouveia | Monday May 23rd, 2016 | Blog, Design de Interiores
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We head to the Portuguese city of Lisbon for today’s edition of the home tour feature. The home that we explore today is thrillingly edgy in terms of its interior decoration and is not a home that we come across every day. The stunning artworks accompanied with modernist interior design touches keep us engaged for a long time. It’s a pretty home no doubt and as we walk around taking in the layers beauty that hit the eye from every angle, we realise that we are in for a visual treat. The South of France with its subtle, art infused laid back appeal and elements from the cottage school of design follow you around in a fusion of sorts as you make your way around the home. Privado is a cocoon of elegance and rustic style designed by Idesign Art by Paula Gouveia, a team of eminent interior landscape designers in Portugal’s capital city of Lisbon. Let’s take you on a tour of this stunningly beautiful home to know more!

A modern home with a big surprise - by PAYEL MUKHERJEE
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