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RESTYLING YOUR HOME, let your imagination run wild!

If you like design, decoration and if you have any desire, “restyling your home”. If you don´t like or think you need advice, ask a professional in the area for help. But always participate in this important moment of your life. It’s your home!

So if you are thinking about moving, I’ll leave you some tips here, which I think will be very important for a great end result.

HOME| restyling your home


In our dreams, we dream that someday we will have a house, our house! One of the greatest adventures of our life will begin! When we move into our new home, we often get lost without knowing how to decorate it, make it beautiful and comfortable.

We often think “I know what I want…but I don’t always know how it’s done”

HOME| restyling your home

BE 100% YOU!

Try to get an idea of what you want and what style you would like to see mirrored in your space. To do this, search for ideas and styles and choose the one that best suits you.

Be 100% you, remember that our home should reflect the mirror of our soul.

Feel good in your home, in your favorite getaway, where you only let in who you want

It’s important that you have a the notion that the chosen décor  will be a part of your daily life. The end result will only be a success if several months after you still like what you see.

HOME| restyling your home

Balance and sophistication

Sometimes we tend to select strong or very neutral colours, elaborate or smooth patterns, but the most important is the balance between all our choices. We shouldn’t put too much colour, to create neutral spaces. These spaces need to convey good vibes and have to live by themselves, in full coordination of our tastes and needs.

HOME| restyling your home

Enjoy your travels!

If you are adventurous and travel a lot, remember to bring back beautiful pieces from your travels, that don’t exist in the country where you live.Although we live in a world, where everything comes to us with very easily, there are always unique pieces in the typical markets where we go. These pieces will give a charismatic and differentiated aspect to your home. Bet on a carpet, a sculpture or a typical object from other places and customize your space. You will see that the final result will be positive.

HOME| restyling your home


 Always try to innovate and be creative.In the décor of spaces, the most important thing is to innovate and do something different.That is why it is often asked for help to professionals in the area, as we are more adept to differentiate and create more appealing ambiences.For instance, if you are thinking about your kitchen cabinets or other elements of your home,Make a difference; do not always do what all people do –standard pieces.You have thought that the same cabinets are placed in most kitchens and spaces across the planet.Because we do not change the material of the door, its handle, or the placement of lighting that values this space in a creative and differentiated way. And of course, the same applies to the other rooms. Do not always want the obvious and the easiest to get.

HOME| restyling your home

Mix the old with the contemporary! 

As for furniture and all objects placed in your home, mix decorative pieces from other eras with contemporary pieces. Always push your senses. Everything you put in your house has to have a logic, it has to convey pleasant sensations.I advise you not to buy everything, as your life course goes on, your ideas will grow and mature, which will be a reflection on the choices of the pieces for your home. The houses are to be complemented and maturing throughout our life, just as we are.

If you need help, leave your questions here. I’ll answer soon!

HOME| restyling your home

Making these spaces contemporary and appealing, it’s not an easy task. We are here to help you. Contact us – IDesign.art by paulagouveia

HOME| restyling your home


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