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Portugal is trendy !

The World moves frenzically and Portugal is trying to update and position in an increasingly competitive and demanding market. We are recognized abroad, and never been so present in the international market as today. It was even selected to receive the largest European Entrepreneurship Event. We are talking about the Web Summit, the biggest event of technology, entrepreneurship and innovation.

We are good in what we do and today we export great quality product for other markets, which leads to a greater need for interpretation and reformulation of existing logics at all levels.

Nowadays we realize how important image is when we are seeking for visibility in such a competitive market. That’s why it’s important for businesses to renew at every levels, not forgetting the spatial design of the interiors and the important of the image as a way of communicating the concept of the company.

Today, the way you communicate and present your company to the world, is a strategic factor with huge important to the success of your business.

Portugal is trendy !


Position yourself in the market with a strong and appealing image. Run away from traditional standarts, be irreverent – Break the rules!

Try to create a sophisticated but relaxed working space, wich encourage and motivate your workers. According to scientific studies, it is proven that working in a company with an inviting and appealing environment, influence your employees. We leave here some references of two successful cases  that proves it:

The interior ambiences with this valence, make people more happy and motivated, increase performance and quality of work, leading to success. Nowadays, people spend most of their time working. Why not change the way you build ambiences in corporate spaces? Aim for more informal ambiences.

Many international companies study this phenomenon and follow this idea, they consider that employees are the soul of the company.

Portugal is trendy !


Bring life to your company, create relaxed social spaces with quotes that appeal and motivate your employees. Complement them with art pieces that make the space more fun and eclectic. Try to provide welfare to your employees, which often work with stress and very high demands.

Make the work spaces more practical, but with a sophisticate feeling. Provide through furniture and decorative complements, the incentive to use communication dynamics between co-workers.

Portugal is trendy !


Depending on the type of company that you manage, look to make your meeting rooms more appealing.

Set your image in every spaces of the company, formal or not. Try to have design elements in the meeting rooms – whether are chairs, table or a lighting piece, that provide some sophistication to your meetings. Surprise and create a good first image for your business partners. By doing so, it provides well-being in the environment of your meetings. Surprise and create a good image!

Portugal is trendy !

Making these spaces contemporary and different, it’s not an easy task. We are here to help you. Contact us – by paulagouveia

Portugal is trendy !


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