It was a great pleasure to design this corporate space, as it was a shack in disrepair that, with a rehabilitation work, became a “very cool” interior project.

We took into account the sustainability of the interiors, meeting the client’s expectations. We designed a contemporary, elegant space with a very nature-oriented theme.
A large space, which we had as a priority need to be carefully sectioned, lowering the height of its right foot to align the workspace, maintaining its industrial shape and structure, but improving its materiality and spatiality, creating an appealing and comfortable dynamic. inside you.
Through the selected chromatic palette, we were able to build very interesting atmospheres, so that users could feel at home in their workplace.

A relaxation area was also created for moments of relaxation, to fill the number of hours and moments of greater tension, spaces that are increasingly important in organizations.
Some pieces of art differentiate and elevate the interiors, giving a touch of greater proximity to art and its artists.

Natural elements, such as hanging gardens, natural trees and images of the essence of nature, were important aspects to take into account in terms of the interior design of this space.

Beautiful space any of us would love to be able to work in!