We were given a briefing to create a refined but sober atmosphere. The bride liked red roses, so the whole decor was designed, taking the red rose and its symbology as inspiration.
The ceremony took place in an old farmhouse, very beautiful, full of places with memories of other times and nothing better than the use of the rose as an imposing and classic decorative element.

Various arrangements were made in the contrast of the transparency of glass bowls, giving a distinctive and elegant touch.
The banquet was served in a tent area, where there were some trees, we took advantage of the existing nature and worked with roses on the trees, but always with great simplicity, as we had been asked.

Outside, we wanted to follow the same chromatic palette and created a relaxed area with Moroccan poufs and lined cloths, providing a comfortable atmosphere to enjoy the wonderful view that exists there.

In the interior room, with very old decor, we made some small notes, so that the space would be more refined and charming on this beautiful day.

The result was beautiful and elegant! What do you think?