gallery Casa do Brasil
Santarém, Portugal

make different . with soul . and identity

the confusing confusions that confound us

It is through painting  that I bring out pieces of me, of what I feel, emotions, sensations, mixed  with the odd thought, our own, that of everyone and anyone.
Sections of paths travelled with the purpose of creating in myself the willingness to express them, through a white canvas and a brunch.
          Chromatically embodying colours of the soul, of the Earth… and of the darkness which sometimes touches us.
I paint transparencies, from detailed overlays of what existed, of that which cannot be hidden,
with fast and luminous brush strokes, which hint at the speed with which we want to surmount the insurmountable,
          shadows drawn by an aesthetic permanently under question and different at each moment,
these are the confusing confusions  that confound us

Paula Gouveia