Gallery Malaposta
Odivelas| Portugal

make different . with soul . and identity

Indefinitely but with soul

Difficult notions of values we instil in our own, small textures that guide us through the present, reflecting a past often undefined, yet present.
             Emotions, sensations, small mementos, they mark us and insist on making us smile.
Through time time, in our imagination, they carry shapes, shadows of an impulse through impending uncertainty.
In the stroke of a brush, another moment in an opalescent transparency, the need for the future always nearby.
             Chromatically brik red and brown always present, as if from the past they dared ouch and reflect themselves in the imagination’s imagery.
The sounds of our self that invoke secrets of what we were and what we today reflect in the present.
             The blues reflected in the innocence we all preach, and the white, purposefully cold, in its own lines, to transmit us contrast and boldness. Then the red intense, suffered, born of our need to mark our existence through a markedly inspiring path.
The colours, those, almost their own, always evocative and and full of soul , that demand us be calm and make us believe that it is possible to live indefinitely , but with soul and with it very much present.

Paula Gouveia