Difficult notions of the values ​​we instill in our own, small textures that take us through the present, reflecting a past often indefinite,    but present.
Emotions, sensations, small memories that mark us and insist on making us smile. Through time, they transport in our imagination, shapes, shadows, of impulse, through the imminent indefiniteness.
In a brushstroke, one more moment, in an opaline transparency,  the need of the always near future.
Chromatically, the brick and brown are always present, as if from the past they dared to touch and reflect on the imagination.
The sounds of our self, which invoke secrets of what we were and what we reflect today in the present.
The blues always innocent, the white, purposely icy, in an assumed cut, to convey contrast and daring. Then the intense red, in a need to mark our existence in a markedly inspiring journey.
The colors, these almost belong to you, always full of soul and evocative, which demand calm and make us believe, that it is possible to live indefinitely, but with the soul always very present.