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Portugal is trendy !

In our last post as we already referenced, hospitality units with the boom of tourism in Portugal, led to them being updated with new concepts and new business logics. Today we will speak about the restaurant sector – another important business unit to revive. We leave here some advices in the interior design area, for creating appealing and contemporary ambiences.

In a time when portuguese chefs have been distinguished for the quality and irreverence of their dishes presentation, we refer some of the distinctions:

Michelin Stars in Portugal –

CNN – Culinary Jorn –

Portugal is trendy !


Nowadays, a restaurant should be projected with a global concept that appeals to its own identity.

When designing a restaurant, the designer collects all the elements that he considers important in the memory of the space and turn these main lines the base of his inspiration – the location, the history of the building, the local traditions and others.

Make your space appealing with an identity, in gastronomic level as spatial. The gastronomy is important, but the environment where it is tasted is part of the whole sensorial experiences. People search for a unique experiences, rich in taste sensations and in equal appealing environment.

Portugal is trendy !


Currently people look for innovative spaces where sensory experiences are present and transmit good vibes. Art has the objective of create sensations in the human being, so, by introducing it in these spaces will provide appealing environments to the client.

Turn your space into a meeting point, a cultural space, where those who visit it do it for the taste experience and for the social environment. Look for prominent pieces that can rise surprise, curiosity and can be conversation starters.

Portugal is trendy !


Yes! Don’t leave anything to chance! The culinary experience starts even before the customer places their order. The way you present the menu is a part of the image you are trying to convey to your clients. Try to be irreverent and set aside the typical menu. Choose to present it in different supports or even write them on the wall. Create your own identity.

Portugal is trendy !

Making these spaces contemporary and different, it’s not an easy task. We are here to help you. Contact us – by paulagouveia

Portugal is trendy !


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