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Posted by Paula Gouveia | 20 June 2018

MAKE DIFFERENT . WITH SOUL . AND IDENTITY Art became known by many and today it is an appealing and different element inside a contemporary house. It is shown every day more, as an inspirational source for professionals in this area and that is why it is more requested by landlords, house owners and clients,...

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Posted by Paula Gouveia | 10 August 2017

RESTYLING YOUR HOME, let your imagination run wild! If you like design, decoration and if you have any desire, “restyling your home”. If you don´t like or think you need advice, ask a professional in the area for help. But always participate in this important moment of your life. It’s your home! So if you are...

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Posted by Paula Gouveia | 18 May 2017

How important is Interior Design to your business? Everything! Over the last few years, many companies are looking to position themselves in a market that is increasingly demanding, through the creation of different business spaces. The same goes for salons. Today, when costumers go to a salon, in addition to good service, they look for...

Posted by Paula Gouveia | 17 March 2017

 NATURAL WOOD Natural and rustic woods have always been part of the production of furniture and pavement, but nowadays we see how these materials are not limited to only one type of production. Wood is an extremely versatile material that, depending on its typology and finish, can create several different environments. In conjunction with other...

Posted by Paula Gouveia | 16 March 2017

 METALS Materials such as copper, brass, steel, aluminum, corten and bronze – are very fashionable in coatings and furniture design. They affirm themselves like matter of election in their raw state, in lacquered, with brightness or in mate, giving a new language to the environments. Versatility and toughness are two of the reasons why metal...

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Posted by Paula Gouveia | 25 January 2017

Portugal is trendy ! The World moves frenzically and Portugal is trying to update and position in an increasingly competitive and demanding market. We are recognized abroad, and never been so present in the international market as today. It was even selected to receive the largest European Entrepreneurship Event. We are talking about the Web...

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Posted by Paula Gouveia | 24 January 2017

Portugal is trendy ! In our last post as we already referenced, hospitality units with the boom of tourism in Portugal, led to them being updated with new concepts and new business logics. Today we will speak about the restaurant sector – another important business unit to revive. We leave here some advices in the...

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Posted by Paula Gouveia | 19 January 2017

Portugal is trendy ! The portuguese hotel industry it’s becoming a luxury sector with high demand by tourists. All over the country plenty of hotels are getting several awards for the quality of the services and experiences they provide for their guests. These are some of the awards: Condé Nast Johansens 2015 – European...

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Posted by Paula Gouveia | 19 January 2017

Portugal is trendy ! Our tourism never has been so spoken in so many places in world. Portugal has been distinguished in the last years as a destination choice, because of our wonderful culture, gastronomy and beautiful landscapes. These are some of the awards: Design Awards 2015/6 – World Travel Awards de 2016 –...

Posted by Paula Gouveia | 03 October 2016

MURAL HUMANITY Paula Gouveia presents a new series of paintings titled HUMANS, portraying an aspect unfortunately so topical in our society – violence among peoples, the lack of humanity that directs to a society without values, indifferent to others.more information