The pictorial universe of artist painting

In her painting with a strong message of contrast and alertness and with strong dichotomies, the artist Paula Gouveia denounces the trivialization of indifference, the rush, the human condition without splendor, the dismemberment of the cosmos and harmony, going through the essence of colors of life and earth – scarlet and black, white, lots of fire and rust-colours, sky blue – its chromatic universe.

The insistence on the rectangle, a presence in the artist’s canvases, pushes us to decipher and to commit to change. The need to be alert to the reality of the world where solidarity is a scarce commodity, in which we all live in the neighborhood of loneliness, vertigo, abandonment, indifference, frenzy, in pain. In short: no love.

through my canvases, my various supports, I like to develop works with a very plastic and sustainable component, which absorbs my experiences and the simplicity of dialogue for a better world
Traces and more traces, loose and light that float in our daily lives, the old of other lives with the speed of the current ones. Small textures that take us through the present, reflecting a past that is often indefinite, but present. Emotions, sensations, small memories that mark us and insist on making us smile. Through time, they carry in our imagination, shapes, shadows of an impulse, through an always imminent indefiniteness. Always faithful to the lines, which transport us to the inevitable other time, where the reflection of each work, invokes images of our imagination.
Paula Gouveia
"There is in Paula Gouveia's painting the appeal of wanting to “see and do”. Seeing is a whole set of rituals. Brown ocher and beige tones punctuated by quick brushstrokes in greens, pinks and reds. Recently blue. White brightens each frame. Which are many and one. Many more within each of them. There is concentration and then... the suddenness.; start/restart; hide/reveal; transform to, at the end, risk strokes, textures and transparencies. The astonishment of chance is always present in shapes that resemble houses, books, birds or mountains; restart of new explorations; intense concentration and suddenness. And the infinite combination of textures."
Margarida Almeida Santos
"Paula Gouveia's painting awakens in us the desire to meet the artist. The colors of her painting are like a mirror, where we get lost in the tranquility they convey. Paula Gouveia is a painter who assumes herself in fullness, in her body, in her spirit and in her features that are calm and carry us with a force full of poetic simplicity. Her canvases transmit shadows and light filled with soft transparencies."
Emília Carvalho
Designer Criativa
"When thinking about the horizon, we are able to find shapes, images, words and even sensations. To perceive that something exists beyond the real and the obvious, is to cross the barrier of everyday life and point to the inscrutable infinity. It is in this context that I find in the works of the artist Paula Gouveia, outlines of myself and my relationship with the world. Shadows drawn by an aesthetic that is permanently questioned and different at each moment. Evoking the shadows of each one is a form of language that is difficult to understand. The spontaneity of each created image is followed by a more introspective second time that questions ourselves. This is the definitive encounter between author and observer in a renewing and liberating formulation."
Carlos Gomes