The unavoidable

another time

Strokes invoked by the past where each trace is present. They are small moments that we assimilate and that allow us to smile. Pathways done with past experiences that insist to stay with us. Shadows peeking, keep you in your way,  despite the constant and imperfect whirl. Colours, captured and always assumed, soulful. Small textures remain and are assumed in each work.  Always faithful to its sketch lines, shadows and transparencies that transport us to the unavoidable another  time, where the reflection of each work invokes passages of the imagery from each one.

Paula Gouveia

Strokes and more strokes, loose and light hovering over our everyday lives, the wisdom of the old mixing with the pace of the new. Small textures that lead us through the present, reflecting a past often undefined, yet present. Emotions, sensations, small memories that mark us and that insist on making us smile. Through time, our imagination’s imagery carries shapes, shadows of an impulse through ever impending uncertainty. Always faithful to her strokes, which take us to the inevitable other time, where the reflection of each work, invokes images from our own imagination.

Paula Gouveia

The paintings of Paula Gouveia have the appeal of wanting to "see it being done". Seeing comprises a whole set of rituals. Brown ochre and beige tones punctuated by quick brushstrokes in green, pink and red. Then in blue. White lights up each painting. Which are many and one. Many more inside each and every one of them. There is concentration and, soon after… the sudden start/restart, hide/reveal, transform, and in the end, take a chance with strokes, textures and overlays. The amazement of chance always presents in the forms that resemble houses, books, birds or hills – the beginning of new explorations, the intense concentration and what is sudden, and the infinite combination of textures.


The paintings of Paula Gouveia awaken in us the desire to meet the artist. The colours of her painting are like a mirror, where we lose ourselves in the tranquillity they transmit. Paula Gouveia, a painter that assumes herself in fullness, in body, in spirit, and in strokes of the brush, which are calm and draw us with a force filled with poetic simplicity. Her paintings bring us shadows and light filled with soft overlays.

EMÍLIA CARVALHO (Creative Designer)

When we think of the horizon, we are able to find shapes, images, words and even feelings. Realizing that something exists beyond what is real and obvious, is overcoming the barrier of everyday life and pointing to unfathomable infinity. It is in this context that I find, in the works of the artist Paula Gouveia, contours of myself and of my relationship with the world. Shadows drawn by an aesthetic permanently under question, and different at each moment. To evoke the shadows is a form of speech that is difficult to understand. The spontaneity of each image created is followed by a second, more introspective moment which leads us to questions. And this the definitive encounter between author and observer in a refreshing and liberating formulation.

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