Alcântara. Lisboa


Loft apartment in Alcântara, 2 rooms, for a client who travels a lot and who likes art and sophistication in terms of interiors.
Beautiful space, with high ceilings, in an old building. As intended, we created a sophisticated, comfortable space, with several pieces of art, for a client from around the world, who likes to travel and enjoy beautiful places full of charm.
In a large space, instead of being open space, we wanted to create some more comfortable areas due to the high ceilings and through panels and pieces of furniture created for this purpose, developed by our office, we decided to delimit areas, without plasterboard walls. or concrete. It turned out very well!

We took advantage of the existing stone floor in one area and in the other area we implemented a cork floor. We covered some areas and walls in wood and cork, so that the final result was warm and comfortable.

The furniture presented here was sophisticated, with sober and eclectic lines, with details that make a difference in the final result of this space.

In the dining area, we developed an unpretentious concept, with some pieces of modern design with straight lines and some decorative notes, which differentiate this area of ​​the house. Of note is the screen designed by our iron cabinet, which is a must!

Then we also created an atmosphere for a reading area, where we considered modern pieces in a mix with memory pieces from other times. Patterns with identity, applied to wallpaper and fabrics used in furniture pieces. We managed with immense success to create this corner full of style and comfort. All the pieces, full of charm that personalize this beautiful space.

The Suite, another of the divisions to take into account, we had as a request from the customer, the connection with the light of the other divisions, so we created a wooden partition with a large glass gap, so that there was a certain connection and depth to all the other divisions. When the client wants privacy, an existing blind comes down inside the room.