The concept appeals to the need to elevate the image and flavors of a dog – hotdog, to something different from the fast food image we are used to. Richer in flavors, looking great and healthier. Here presented by a chef, with elegance and refinement and with different flavors and tastes for a full meal.

We were asked for the space to have glamor and sophistication and a revival with the memories of other times. In this sense, we were inspired by the figure Lady with Ermine, by Leonardo da Vinci and we tried to lighten this painting, changing its originality through the figure of the animal, introducing the sausage dog, thus creating a funny revival, with the surprise factor reflected in this canvas, of this beautiful work by the well-known illustrious painter.

This was the starting point, for the creation of a space of contrasts between contemporaneity and memories of other times, in which we focused on achieving a good parallelism between the glamor of some materials and the coldness of others, thus reviving styles. The crafted boisserie that takes us to the beautiful, elegant antique, the antique golden frames from other times, the velvet seat designed according to the space and the charming, delicate lighting, with the contrast and coldness of the tables, benches and wine racks. toscas, where the materials used are raw wood and black iron from other times. Not forgetting the eclectic marble block, which serves as a counter, dividing the space for zoning the preparation of drinks and food, where the existing lighting above it is extremely fragile and transparent. The arched mirrors give the touch that we also wanted to see reflected in this space, which transports us to the arches in the old squares, thus creating the identity of the restaurant’s name and where we have a huge terrace outside.

It is very interesting to see how well this intrusion of styles, materials and shapes worked, giving way to a charismatic space, with identity, with the exception of the care taken with all the charming and inviting details for the tasting of an excellent meal.