Beautiful place, where we feel like tasting a meal!

A space that makes us smile and it is in these moments that we are happy to be designers and to enjoy this beautiful profession that we embrace, by being able to develop these very desirable and special spaces.

We took into account the right foot and its spatiality and from there we developed a concept, meeting the needs of our client.

We wanted to design an elegant space, where we designed different and original pieces, mixing styles, in a high artistic expression, taking into account the sensoriality of the space.

We want a beautiful place, which we like to visit again and again, where we feel like socializing with elegance and relaxing from this frenetic world in which we move.

Aspects to take into account in our project, the existing material thought to detail and with dedication, the flooring section, the textures of the fabrics coordinated with the velvet of the pendant lamps with classic images, the elegance of the furniture designed with an eclectic style, which reminds us of other places, of the pieces of art and the notes of nature that balance and give a very strong identity to this space.

Sectional area with 2 areas, one for meals with a different and more formal cuisine and another more informal area for small tapas, with music and entertainment.

Once again, we wanted to deepen the classic with the modern, which is already part of our identity as an office, resulting in a contemporary space, full of good energies.

We took some existing elements in the furniture and developed screens and a charming opening with an image of the restaurant’s identity theme.
A space for people, for other people, where the primordial and transversal need is to combine the creative aspect of these spaces with the good moments of well-being and comfort for all of us, in the tasting of a meal with pleasure.