. My gaze is the door to the world and this light is too raw.

These things that bother me can be part of our life.

It could be forever, you know?

. Stop, resume, continue, savor: in conversation the words echo admirably beautiful. Experience yourself fully.

Without keys, the conversation has texture, shape, color.

Follow it with your eyes and help yourself at any time of the day or night.

. Offer me red flowers and words without echo, spicy poetry and greedy songs – because life is also eaten and life is always right.

. Sofia’s holidays all go to the Greek island of those who camp without hope, without crumbs, without direction. There she organizes clothes, tells stories, rocks babies, sings in Portuguese, teaches English and smiles without knowing how.

– Oh… Don’t you have anything else to do?

. People who work like cheaters hidden in their sleeves – feel very welcome to the brilliant and gaudy sewer of trickery, negligence, fraud, incompetence, sloppiness, imitations and shoddy copies. Give me five more!

Teresa Carreiro