Penthouse apartment in Oeiras, 3 rooms, for sale by a real estate consultant, which helped to prepare a “Home Staging” Project for this property that, in partnership with the charismatic Vanda Boa Vida, we jointly developed a current, sophisticated concept. , successfully elucidating the client, of the potential of this property.

As intended, we created a sophisticated and comfortable space, with several pieces of art, for a client from around the world and in line with the ancient art of Feng Shui, so well presented by Vanda Boa Vida.

In the living room, with 2 gaps, we took advantage of the existing marble floor and covered some areas and walls in wood, so that the final result was warmer and more comfortable.

The furniture presented here was sophisticated, with sober and eclectic lines, with details that make a difference in the final result of this space. Don’t forget the beautiful existing terrace, overlooking the river, which was also worked with robust pieces and some pieces of modern design, giving this space a special glow, to enjoy the sunrise and the beautiful evenings in good company.

In the kitchen, we developed a minimal concept, with some pieces of modern design and some decorative touches that refresh this area of ​​the house.

Then we also created an atmosphere for the office, where we considered modern pieces for a modern customer who appreciates good taste. We thought of a few pieces, but each one with a function. The glass desk gives this area of ​​the dwelling a freshness, making the space of this place greater. Decorative pieces that play with space, in a motivating and contemporary youthful language.

The Suite, another of the divisions to take into account, had as guidelines the principles of Feng Shui, promoting love and happiness. Development of a decorative piece above the bed, which would appeal to the love and passion of the owners.

As for furniture, we develop personalized pieces full of charm, making this space very comfortable. On the doors of the existing wardrobe, we applied a coating with a slight texture to make it more modern and current.

We liked the end result! Is that you?