Restaurante Oshiki . Sushi


As sushi is an experience of flavors with a unique visual aspect, where through our senses, such as taste and vision, we travel inside and feel great pleasure tasting these flavors, we wanted to create this parallelism also in the interiors and project a sensorially rich and welcoming space. So the focus was to go to the detail and bring the essence of textures, colors, bringing this sensoriality to the space, through natural elements, which refer to the same essence of sushi elements. Not forgetting, and of great importance, the lighting of this beautiful space, in which we worked on the ceilings with rich images, creating here an enveloping space, where our customer and his team feel good when serving their magnificent dishes, and where their customers feel fully, enjoying an excellent meal.

We also took into account the use of natural, sustainable materials, making this space organic. Of note is the use of palm bark, where artist and designer Paula Gouveia worked and developed with her team, an installation on the ceiling and designed and produced a creation of charismatic pendant lamps, which give a very special touch to this space and where the light they disperse warms and makes the space even more welcoming.

All other details of tasting and presentation to the customer, were also carefully studied so that the overall final result is of excellence.

Our team is to be congratulated! Beautiful space and we hope to be a reference in the city of Lisbon!