Restaurant La Garduna . Cascais


We got a briefing, for a meat restaurant.
The aim of this interior project was, through the information we received from the client, the development of a strong theme, with a decor inspired by the group of a secret society, existing many years ago in Spain, entitled “la garduña”.

Described as a society that operated underground and full of dark rituals, where evil, injustice, among other evils were practiced. With this project, we intend to get the essence of this concept, passing the message, that evil should never go unpunished and be highlighted, even if it is a decor. That’s why we wanted to provoke sensations in a tone of surprise, we involved images from other times, in an iron structure, which shows that evil is not inviting to today and that it was closed. These structures symbolize the bars, the recrimination, where this evil, dark past does not shine, will not shine and will never have a victorious voice in the world.

The decor of this space is worked in dark tones, where we tried, through the play of lights, to create a feeling of a dark place and at the same time eclectic by the revival marked by other times. Light is always very important in our projects, as it always makes a difference and helps to tell a story truthfully. These materials, strong, with personality, in a mix between the materiality of past centuries, where the taverns were presented with cold, worn materials, but at the same time noble, often taken advantage of mother nature. We also went to research and look for some elements of history and adorned it with decorative screens, giving the opportunity for those who enjoy a meal in this place with identity, to understand the story told in this place.